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The Most Comfortable Way to Wear Ballistic Plates. 


Featuring our patent-pending "Tight-Loose" Suspension System, the 1081 maximizes the contored fit of your premium multi-curve armor plates while providing  completely unhindered range of motion without any pinching, binding, or squeezing.


Tight-Loose Suspension Features:

  • Tight Enough to Sprint an O Course, Loose Enough to Practice Wim Hof Deep Breathing
  • All-Day Comfort in and out of a vehicle
  • Unhindered Weapon Presentation
  • Allows full unrestriucted range of motion
  • Keeps plates as close as duct-taping them to your chest
  • Strong enough to drag over 500lbs
  • Made In Utah, USA from US Materials


1081-A Observer:

The low profile design and fit of the 1081-A provides excellent covert/concealment where needed, or fits comfortably under load-bearing rigs and assault packs... with less bulk and more modularity than many stand-alone assault plate carrier setups.  



Sizing is based off of SAPI cut plates up to 1.2” thick.

Medium - 9.5" x 12.5" (241 x 318 mm) SAPI & 10x12 "Shooter/Swimmer Cut"

Available by Special Order:

Small -  8.75" x 11.75"  (222 x 298 mm) SAPI & 8x10 "Shooter/Swimmer Cut" 

Large - 10.25" x 13.25" (260 x 337 mm) SAPI 


Product Details:

  • Sewn in Utah, USA from US-Made Mil-Spec 500D Cordura, Mil-Spec Webbing, and US-Made Hardware.
  • Cummerbund features dual 1" "Tail-Less" Quick Adjust with G-Hook
  • 1.5" Fully-Replaceable Shoulder Straps
  • Vecro-Closure Plate Bags

1081 Plate Carrier


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