3L Enduro Hip Pack

3L Enduro Hip Pack


A simple classic adaptable fanny pack for longer adventures. Whether mountain biking, moto riding, hiking, exploring a campsite, or grabbing some post season spring skiing laps, the 3L is designed to do it all.


The main interior pocket has a 3L capacity and features integrated gear loops and organization to  carry your gear and keep it from jangling around while you get rowdy on the trail.  Additionally, the pocked is backed with an UHMWPE cross-linked foam layer to stabilize the weight of your gear and prevent it from poking you in th 


Our "Tail-less" waistbelt adjustment system elimites floppy straps.


Elastic side pockets are sized perfectly to snugly hold standard size bike water bottles. Check out Our Purist 22oz Bottles!


10oz Weight


Made in Utah, USA