Hell's Gate Rope Sacks

Hell's Gate Rope Sacks


Coiling ropes is a useful skill, that's how Granddad did it, that's how Dad did it, and that's how we did it for 20 years. But when it's finger-freezing cold or when the sun is warming that fresh 8" of pow above you while you manage your 3rd maneuver above 300' of exposure we decided that friends don't let friends coil ropes...


The Hell's Gate Rope Sacks are designed to make you faster and more efficient when dealing with high exposure.  


Ultra Light (the 5L weighs only 2oz!) & Ultra Strong (double stiched seams and reinforced handles) to survive hucks from great heights.


A compressible expansion top with draw string to accomodate a hastey stuff, thickened rope, or lack of finger dexterity for a perfect pack job. Reinforced tie-off points for either side of your rope to prevent knots.


Handle is designed for easy throws with gloves on, and to clip to harness.


Sized to comfortably and quickly stuff your ropes when you have frozen fingers.


The 16L features a four pannel reinforced construction for heavier ropes, and an additional carry strap for maneuvering between rappels.



5L: designed to fit 6mm 40m lines (weight 2oz)

10L: designed to fit 7.3mm 60m lines (add $15) (weight 3.5 oz)

16L: designed to fit 8.3mm 100m lines (add $30) (weight 6oz) 


Made in Utah, USA


Custom Sizes Available Upon Request.