Tube Taco

Tube Taco


Roads?! Where we're going we don't need Roads!


If you shuttle laps, seek the wildest mesas, or search for the most secluded trails and campsites your downtube needs some extra love.


We initially created the Tube Taco for tailgate pads heavy on features but light on foam protection, but have found it to be invaluable for shuttle laps, road-trips, and washboard roads. Honestly, we can't live without it down here in Southern Utah.


Never stress a shuttle offer from someone with a sketch tailgate pad again!


Featrues a 500D Cordura outer shell, slip-not rubber inner shell, and heaping helping of 1/2" marine-grade high desity foam filling that wont get all nasty when wet.


Made in Utah, USA 


Designed to be used only in conjuction with a properly installed tailgate pad. 

Color: Neon Splatter