Tube Tidy

Tube Tidy


Let's not make this complicated. Strapping a spare tube to your bike isn't rocket science, and doesn't require an extra CNC machined mounting bracket bolted into extra bosses drilled into your frame.  Honestly, cinch a Voile Strap and Voila, job done.

But is a job done, done well enough?  How about a strap that is somehow more simple than duct tape, yet solves every single shortcoming of strapping a tube, co2, plug kit, and lever to your bike.  Trust us, the Tube Tidy is the simple strap you won't be able to live without once you use it.


Mil-Spec Elastic carefully sized to organize and hold a spare tube and 2x co2 OR a co2 & plug kit AND retains those items when taking the strap on and off your bike; no more dropped gear!


Anti-Slip Rubber Coated Nylon provides extra retention and keeps the strap from sliding on your frame during rough descents and drops; and is safe on your bike's paint!


Mil-Spec Hook and Loop  with a simple cinch design is easy to use, and straps securely to your bike even without a tube so you don't need to carry empty co2s in your pocket!

It's not rocket science, but thankfully we had one on hand to help design the Tube Tidy. Seriously.


The tube Tudy works with full size 2.8x29 mtb tubes, ultra thin mtb tubes, and even 700c tubes for gravel bikes.


Made in Utah, USA