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Forged from Passion

I designed my first backpack in the age when tricams were considered bomber micro placements and ski touring required drilling holes in alpine race boots.  Amidst an era of thinking fingerprints were for city folk and knee cartilage had to be exhausted by 25, I designed and fabricated a fury of mountaineering packs, patched and revitalized a wardrobe every season, and bar-tacked life-saving replacement slings for my coveted cams.

As I grew up and my bones started to separate from my joints with greater frequency I decided to get a traditional education and got distracted with designing engines and bi-fuel systems for a cleaner future; all the while enjoying 20 years of amazing progression in ski, mountain bike, and dirt bike technology.

But one thing hasn't changed, the desire to explore, get rowdy, and carry a little bit of gear to make it back alive.

That's why I founded Tight Chutes Co. in 2018; to get you there and back, or to simply enjoy some thrills before you pay the bills.  Streamlined gear designs with an acute attention to detail that will make your gear feel like an extension of your body so you can focus on the passion that feeds your soul. 

Designed, Fabricated, and Tested in Utah by a bunch of life-long enthusiasts.