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Shipping Wait Times & Frequently Asked Questions

  • All gear is hand-made in the USA. See Lead Times below.

  • If you have not yet received a "Shipped" email with tracking number your order is in our order backlog.

  • If you received an order number we have your order.  Please check your spam/filtered emails for your order confirmation email, or Log In to your account o see your order

  • If you checked out without creating an account you can still set up an account with the exact same email and contact info you used to check out to see orders

All packs are made to strict quality standards. Tight Chutes is a small company, with full-time manufacturing operations in the US, and we refuse to compromise product quality to ship faster.   

Standard Lead Times for Feb 2024 orders:

The Strap ft. M.A.R.S., the Riggs IWB Carry, M.A.R.S. Lo-Pro, Quick Six, and all Apparel orders typically Ship in about 1 Business Day.

1081 minimalist Plate Carriers ship in about 2 weeks.

All Feb 2024 orders with Voyager or Session Packs  ship in about 2 week lead time

**** This is an estimate only and subject to change without notice based on order volume and available production capacity.

When will my November/December/January order ship?


Late 2023 order volume for Voyager and Session packs was  *significantly* higher than expected.  As of Feb 19th 2024 we are producing batches to fill backorders from late November, December and sooner. 

We have increased our production capacity and are shipping November &  December orders currently.  We expect to clear the 2023 backlog over the next few weeks.


We greatly appreciate your patience!


Where am I in line/Can you give me a date my order will ship?

We currently make in batches by type/specification for higher overall production quantity. Making one pack at a time is much slower than making batches due to additional change over time for each order.  As such it is much harder to give a specific ship date as your order may be included in a batch and ship sooner or not. Please expect it to take the full backlog wait time.  We are working long hours to clear the backlog.

Why is my USPS Tracking Number is not updating?

We ship most orders via USPS Priority Mail.  We do not pre-print labels. If you have received a tracking number it means your order has been produced/packed, and dropped at the Post Office in the next business day. Unfortunately, the USPS may sometimes delay updating tracking info, in rare cases for several days, which is out of our control. 

Can you make me a "Custom" pack with an additonal pocket/ unique design/unlisted color combination?

We are currently not taking "Custom" orders.

While all packs are "made-to-order"in the US in the sense that they are not sitting on a shelf, they are not "custom-made." We produce packs to-order in optimized batch sizes (by order specificaion) to get the most out of our production capacity
. "Custom" designs or color combinations take additional time to set up/engineer and are not currently supported.   


Additionally, while we appreciate your design request, Tight Chutes products are purpose-designed, refined, and field-tested to be as good as possible doing their respective job. We have tested several common design ideas, (i.e. adding an additional pocket) and determined they do not add to the value to the respective product.  In other words, if a feature is not on a given product it's likely not there on purpose.

That said, we are very open to hear your ideas or product feedback as they can help QA, plan future designs, or develop new products. Feel free to send them our way.

Does my phone/carry item fit in the front pocket on the Voyager of a given size?

The Voyager Pack featuring M.A.R.S. is primarily made for CCW and designed to be as minimal as possible doing so.  If users are able to comfortably fit phones/items in the front pouch we see it as a bonus. Please see the sizing on the product page for dimensions.

What Size Voyager Pack do I need?

For full-sized 5" barrel/service pistols such as the P320, G17, H&K 45 etc., we recommend the XL size.  The Standard size is designed to perfectly fit a G19 with light and/or RMR and similar sized pistols.  Compact and Sub-Compact will all fit comfortably in the Standard size.

Can I use the M.A.R.S. Lo-Pro with my current carry pack/fanny pack/backpack/bag? 

Any quality, well-built, CCW everyday carry fanny pack, waist pack, backpack, chest pack, cross body pack, satchel, or EDC sling bag with an adequate panel of Velco® or loop material is compatible. Tight Chutes Co does not currently certify/recommend any other manufacturer by name.  (If you are a pack-maker and want to submit your pack for certification please contact us.)

*Mounting Requirements:

  • Mil-spec (or higher) durable/high-cycle + high-grip Velcro® or similar loop (Hook and Loop mount) material

  • Minimum loop panel contact surface area: 3"x 5.25" 

How do I adjust the "Tail-less" Waist Strap?

Please see our detailed instruction video here

Can I receive calls on my cell phone when it is in the Phone Faraday or Phone Silencer?

No, both the Phone Faraday and Phone Silencer products prevent your phone from receiving calls when it is in the pouch as part of their Signal Shield construction.  Your phone will, however, immediately regain signal when it is removed from the pouch.

What kind of water bottles fit best in the Session and Ridgeline packs?

The Session and Ridgeline packs were both designed to fit "Bike Water Bottles".  We sell premium "Purist" glass/silicon lined 100% drop-proof bike water bottles that are durable, easy to clean, and keep any plastic taste out of your water.

What is the "Freerider Belt" and do I need one?

The Freerider Belt is a durable, low-profile elastic belt made exclusively in our Utah Shop from a proprietary poly-elastic blend of our own design.  The belt provides the perfect blend of support and flex, and will hold its shape after months of sweat, dirt, and sun.  The low profile design fits great under our packs and let's you go full-send in your favorite pair of jorts; or just makes your favorite jeans more comfortable around town.

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