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Frequently Asked Questions

When do orders ship?

We typically process and  ship all orders within 1-3 business days of receiving them via USPS Priority Mail.  

March 3 Update:

Due to recent high order volume Voyager Packs have a 2 week lead time; and Session Packs have a 1 week lead time. All our packs are handmade and quality checked; we appreciate your patience and your support as we grow our small business.

How do I adjust the "Tail-less" Waist Strap?

Please see our detailed instruction video here

Can I receive calls on my cell phone when it is in the Phone Faraday or Phone Silencer?

No, both the Phone Faraday and Phone Silencer products prevent your phone from receiving calls when it is in the pouch as part of their Signal Shield construction.  Your phone will, however, immediately regain signal when it is removed from the pouch.

What is the difference between the Orion and Voyager Packs?

Voyager packs include the M.A.R.S. insert and Orion packs do not.  Otherwise the construction of the packs is the same.

What kind of water bottles fit best in the Session and Ridgeline packs?

The Session and Ridgeline packs were both designed to fit "Bike Water Bottles".  We sell premium "Purist" glass/silicon lined 100% drop-proof bike water bottles that are durable, easy to clean, and keep any plastic taste out of your water.

What is the "Freerider Belt" and do I need one?

The Freerider Belt is a durable, low-profile elastic belt made exclusively in our Utah Shop from a proprietary poly-elastic blend of our own design.  The belt provides the perfect blend of support and flex, and will hold its shape after months of sweat, dirt, and sun.  The low profile design fits great under our packs and let's you go full-send in your favorite pair of jorts; or just makes your favorite jeans more comfortable around town.

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