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We Solve Problems

We like to play in a world of possibility.  Twenty-five years ago it was bolting crazy fabrications onto 26ers to handle rougher "trails", drilling holes into alpine race boots for touring bindings, and "frankensteining" overweight, overcomplicated gear into sleek kit; all in the pursuit of creating more capable and less burdensome solutions. 


From designing bi-fuel automotive systems for a cleaner future, to fabricating an industry-leading signal shield to prevent cell phone interference with avalanche beacons, to sewing a fanny pack that finally doesn't jump on your back like an 8-yr-old in a bouncy castle, we love to solve problems.


All our gear is made in Utah, USA with designs born from and tested by life-long enthusiasts. Each product we sell is designed and fabricated with an acute attention to detail  to make it feel like an extension of your body so you can focus on the passion that feeds your soul.

For those who enjoy some thrills before they pay the bills and for those fortunate few whose thrills in-fact pay the bills, our gear is 100% Made to Send!