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"Tight Chutes": steep narrow descents requiring maximum focus and control to navigate

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"The solution to every problem lies within an enthusiastic spirit, thoughtful experimentation, and a well-timed sewing machine."


Our gear is sewn in Utah, USA with designs born from and tested by life-long enthusiasts. Each product we sell is designed and fabricated with an acute attention to detail to make it feel like an extension of your body... so you can focus on the passion that feeds your soul. 


For those who enjoy some thrills before they pay the bills and for those fortunate few whose thrills in-fact pay the bills, our gear is 100% Made to Send


We take Made in Utah, USA seriously! 

We source our materials from US manufacturers and suppliers dedicated to top quality. We only hire US Citizens, and pay a wage that strengthens their family while providing training to help them succeed in their trade or starting their own independent business. Our designs are rigorously tested in the rugged Utah wilderness to ensure function and durability.  The extra time is always made to verify that your money was spent on gear you can depend on to get the job done right; made by free citizens empowered to build their community stronger thanks to us doing business together.



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