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Stay Strapped... no gun belt required!


The Strap CCW System featuring M.A.R.S. is a purpose-made CCW carry platform that delivers maximum comfort, interchangeability, and stability. It's so comfortable you could forget you are carrying.


  • Carry any pistol, any size, with any light & optic combo
  • Carry Appexdix, strong-side, AIWB or OWB Holster-style
  • Get a smooth, reliable, draw-stroke similar to a kydex holster... but without the pinch
  • Eliminate the need for a stiff gun belt or clips, etc.
  • Carry Condition 1 - M.A.R.S. covers the trigger guard dependably
  • Fits most pistol and light combinations - no hardware required 
  • M.A.R.S. Retains pistol without straps or stiff material 
  • Interchangable Right or Left hand draw
  • Supports reholstering


The Strap CCW system is neither traditional ccw belly band or a CCW holster:

-Enables you to overcome the drawbacks of belly bands such as poor retention, weak trigger guard coverage, retention straps over the backstrap/in the way of your draw, or limited ability to reholster due to the material completely collapsing.

-Helps you overcome the drawbacks of a belt-mounted holster such as the weight of the gun pulling your pants down, ridgid Kydex poking you, being uncomfortable to sit down, the "batman belt" effect, or even the need for a thick gun belt in the first place.  


About the Magnetic Adaptable Retention System (M.A.R.S.):


The M.A.R.S. eliminates the need to buy multiple holsters to carry with different pistols and/or lights.

Made from Kevlar®-reinforced material the M.A.R.S. (patent pending), is a near-universal retention & trigger guard system that adjusts to fit most modern pistols, from slim sub-compact to full size pistols... with almost any light & RDS/optic combo.  (See Video)

High-performance (neodymium) magnets and "Mil-Spec" hook backing help the M.A.R.S. retain your firearm securly for the best possible snag-free draw stroke... even with optics and various (large or small) weapon mounted lights.  

(See M.A.R.S. Lo-Pro Product Page for full specifications)


Already have a M.A.R.S.? You can buy The Strap by itself by selecting "Just Strap-Without a M.A.R.S." in the Order Options.

Strap Build Specifications:


  • Right or Land Hand draw mounting point for M.A.R.S. 


  • Silicone Stability Lining  -Stable platform for retention and deployment...  Flexes to provide comfort for all day carry


100% Made in Utah, USA




1-M.A.R.S. Lo-Pro Carry Insert (unless purchasing  Just The Strap without a Mars)

Please Note: The Strap ships in about 2 business days

The Strap CCW System ft. M.A.R.S.

  • -Sizing - (Based on your pants size.)

    • Small: 22 to 29
    • Medium 29 to 40
    • Large 40 to 55

    -If you have a M.A.R.S. already you can buy The Strap by itself by selecting "Just The Strap without a M.A.R.S."   (The Strap is NOT designed for CCW use without a M.A.R.S. )

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