Phone Faraday

Phone Faraday


The "Phone Faraday" Pouch


Cell Phone signals cause interference with Avalanche Beacons, and can cause search inaccuracy and increase search time. Airplane mode does not solve this interference isssue, nor does simply keeping the phone 12 inches away from your beacon.


Constructed using our patent pending process with a double layer of copper nickel poly blend faraday material that meets MIL STD 188-125 and IEEE STD 299-2006, and tested to provided an average shielding of 54dB against 5G, Bluetooth, GPS,  WiFi, and EMF signals from cell phones.

The Phone Faraday Pouch allows both backcountry  skiers, snowboarders, snowmobilers, & snowshoers to keep their cell phone close at hand for access to maps, slope angle tools, and their camera while providing shielding from interference with their potential life-saving avalanche beacon.


Designed to fit devices as large as the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Android Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Available in Weather Resistant X-Pac Colors 

Made in Utah, USA